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refusal / отказ, право первого выбора
имя существительное
renouncement, refusal, failure, denial, rejection, refusing
право первого выбора
first refusal, refusal
That's the best weapon we have against these evil people, our flat refusal to allow them to divert us more than momentarily from our daily lives.
Today, we see the consequences of the Bush administration's refusal to learn from the past.
The group came forward at the end of last week following news of the players' refusal to accept a 30 per cent wage deferral.
What was impressive about her - moving even - was her steadfast refusal to do so.
One of the weaknesses of the mass storage industry is a stubborn refusal to learn from history.
The dispute is over the government's continued refusal to fulfill campaign promises to raise teachers' wages.
Khan said the Pakistani Government's refusal to grant his wife a visa has traumatised the entire family.
One explanation can be found in an adamant refusal to relinquish ceremonial practices.
he became tired of his friend's refusal to see him
In the past, refusal to serve in the military could carry prison sentences of up to five years.