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refuge / убежище, прибежище, пристанище
имя существительное
asylum, refuge, shelter, haven, sanctuary, retreat
refuge, resort, sanctuary, haven, asylum, harbor
shelter, refuge, retreat, accommodation, lair, pied-a-terre
давать убежище
harbor, give refuge, refuge, harbour
служить прибежищем
находить убежище
имя существительное
a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble.
he was forced to take refuge in the French embassy
However, the cunning female kept dodging them, taking temporary refuge in the grounds of Fermoy Soccer Club.
the family came to be seen as a refuge from a harsh world
he was forced to take refuge in the French embassy
However, most of the residents preferred to stay home instead of taking refuge elsewhere.
Needless to say, I sought refuge in a discussion of the weather.
' Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel ', pronounced Samuel Johnson in 1775.
I led the fight to stop the drilling in the Arctic wildlife refuge .
The deportation of an asylum seeker who sought refuge in Bolton has been halted following the intervention of MP David Crausby.
In my younger and more vulnerable years, I believed school offered a gentle refuge from the cutthroat savagery of the working world.
That was probably why he was often haunted by spells of melancholia and dark thoughts and often sought refuge in books.