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refuel / дозаправить, дозаправиться, пополнить запасы топлива
refuel, replenish
пополнить запасы топлива
supply (a vehicle) with more fuel.
the authorities agreed to refuel the plane
Low fuel consumption and a large fuel tank mean you don't have to refuel as often.
There was a small colony of Vorts living on this planet and the commander thought that this would be the place to refuel and get some supplies.
Because a spacecraft is unable to carry much fuel and cannot refuel in-flight, other routes to autonomy have had to be explored.
If they could refuel Ben's truck, they could escape.
In the distance she can hear battle ships landing to refuel and restock supplies.
Aircraft have been forced to refuel at Darwin or Melbourne or to carry extra fuel to Australia.
Buy a hydrogen fuel cell car and you can only refuel at the manufacturers!
Buses could refuel at a central depot, making fuel supply and storage less of an issue.
The aircraft must refuel on Aitutaki before going on to the remote island, 1200 km northwest of Rarotonga.
Honda in America is already piloting home energy stations which make hydrogen from natural gas so you can refuel your car in your drive.