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refrigerate / замораживать, хранить в холодильнике, охлаждать
freeze, refrigerate, block, deepfreeze, ice, glaciate
хранить в холодильнике
cool, chill, refrigerate, refresh, chilly
subject (food or drink) to cold in order to chill or preserve it, typically by placing it in a refrigerator.
refrigerate the dough for one hour
If the room temperature is above 90 F, refrigerate perishable foods within one hour.
Never refrigerate tomatoes that are not fully ripe because cold temperatures stop the ripening process.
You can make the soup immediately, refrigerate the stock for several days, or freeze it.
refrigerate the dough for one hour
Cover the bowl of dough with plastic wrap, and refrigerate it for one hour.
Save the water from the steaming process in a covered container and refrigerate it.
Be sure to refrigerate the starter culture in a clean, air-tight container.
It allows people to irrigate their farmland, refrigerate their vaccines, and run their machines.
All you have to do is rinse the sprouts once a day and refrigerate them once they have sprouted.
Cover and refrigerate it for a week before using for best flavor.