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refrigerant / холодильный, охлаждающий
имя прилагательное
refrigerant, refrigeratory
cooling, refrigerant, refrigerating, freezing, frigorific
имя существительное
охлаждающее вещество
refrigerant, cooler
жаропонижающее средство
febrifuge, antipyretic, refrigerant
имя прилагательное
causing cooling or refrigeration.
The cooler includes a variable displacement compressor for compressing refrigerant gas.
имя существительное
a substance used for refrigeration.
In addition to controlling pressure, fluid-control valves regulate the rate the flow of fluid i.e. how brake fluid, transmission oil, refrigerants and other fluids are used in the car.
The action is diuretic, refrigerant and diaphoretic, and the juice extracted from the fresh plant is of use in urinary and kidney diseases.
The warm, gaseous refrigerant is sucked from the evaporator into the compressor, where the pressure is raised to the condensation pressure of the refrigerant in order for the phase change to occur.
This is accomplished by providing a regulated flow of ambient air about the feed assembly in conjunction with a vacuum assembly which is used to remove excess refrigerant vapor from the gas diffusion chamber.
We can also vary many controls for specific tasks such as monitoring refrigerant levels, for example.
The circulating fluid in your air conditioner is a special refrigerant gas that is put in when the system is installed.
The most common type is a refrigerant dehumidifier, which works on the same principles as a refrigerator or air conditioner.
The heat pump uses similar technology to a domestic fridge - the expansion and contraction of refrigerant gases to produce much more heat using less electricity.
Carrying the heat energy away, the warmer (but still fairly cold) refrigerant vapour is sucked back into the compressor and the cycle begins again.
Improper unit location, lack of duct insulation, improper duct sealing, and incorrect refrigerant charge can greatly diminish efficiency
The fluid returns to the heat pumps, which utilize a refrigerant cycle to take the fluid's low quality heat and concentrate it; the process is reversed for cooling.