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refreshment / закуска, отдых, подкрепление
имя существительное
snack, appetizer, refreshment, collation, refection, morsel
rest, recreation, relaxation, refreshment, repose, comfort
reinforcement, refreshment, confirmation, relief, draft, recruitment
освежающий напиток
refresher, refreshment, freshener
восстановление сил
recuperation, recreation, rejuvenation, refreshment, rejuvenescence, rally
имя существительное
a light snack or drink, especially one provided in a public place or at a public event.
light refreshments are available
the giving of fresh mental or physical strength or energy.
hobbies and vacations are for refreshment and recreation
The question is, what kind of refreshment is Smith's gritty realism?
So what is it in white wines that offers that element of refreshment ?
Praise to you for offering us your refreshment and revival day after day!
I looked up the Isle of Jura and Barnhill and thought it was just the place to seek refreshment and rest awhile away from every care.
This again is an opportunity for relaxation and refreshment .
A long vacation is best for refreshment and relaxation after a year of busy work.
Help me to rest in you on your Sabbath, to find peace for my soul, refreshment for my spirit and new life for my flesh.
I think some creative expression and refreshment is a good idea.
an ample supply of liquid refreshment
Drama activities, be it games or enactment of storyboard situations infuse the air with energy, vitality and refreshment .