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refreshing / освежающий, освежительный
имя прилагательное
refreshing, dewy, exhilarant, recreative
имя существительное
refreshing, recreation, renovation
имя прилагательное
serving to refresh or reinvigorate someone.
a refreshing drink
give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate.
the shower had refreshed her
I ordered some more refreshing green tea and casually asked the young girl who served us where the toilets were.
The drive was a pleasant one, and the breeze was indeed refreshing .
Breathing hurt at first, but each breath became less painful and more refreshing than the last.
Unconventional use of materials, interesting lines and concepts and outside of the box thinking make this a very stimulating and refreshing building.
Such an attitude from a developer is most welcome and it must be said makes a refreshing change.
How refreshing to read about a famous person who is normal and intelligent!
It certainly gives me a refreshing feeling, much different from practising inside.
Participants spoke with refreshing candor about the things that were most important to them.
Teenage boys often make newspaper headlines for all the wrong reasons, so it makes a refreshing change to be able to report on the good deeds of one such lad.
After the first creamy flush, their milk settles down and is made into soft fresh cheese with a refreshing chalky tang.