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refresher / освежающий напиток, напоминание, памятка
имя существительное
освежающий напиток
refresher, refreshment, freshener
reminder, prompt, memento, refresher, remembrancer
refresher, jotting
имя существительное
a thing that refreshes, in particular.
I've read Benjamin before, but maybe its time to give myself a focused refresher .
Having sold my vote to the highest bidder I popped into the Pub for a quick refresher and ran into The Good Colonel.
Last week in Palm Beach County, Florida, he took three refresher flights at an aviation school, despite initially saying he wanted 100 hours of tuition.
Shortlisted vehicles will be announced in early November and the members of the Irish Motoring Writers Association will have a final chance to test-drive contending vehicles at a refresher day before final judging takes place.
The focus this year is again very much on active teaching methods, with the training providing a refresher on skills used throughout the first year as well as introducing some new concepts to the teachers.
Beginning to despair now of ever finding this apocryphal loveliness we mulled over then declined the idea of a quick refresher in the invitingly named Suicide Bar and instead headed through the Old Park area to Tigers Bay.
It may be a useful refresher for recently-trained first-aiders.
I am also supposed to buy my main Physics textbook and read the first five chapters and do some refresher Maths test online before I go.
Health visitors allocated to this method attended refresher workshops to ensure that they felt comfortable with what would be considered normal language development in children of this age group.
candidates take some refresher training before coming back