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refresh / регенерация
имя существительное
regeneration, recovery, refresh, palingenesy
refresh, freshen, freshen up, recreate, refurnish, sweeten
reinforce, underpin, back, sustain, corroborate, refresh
renovate, refresh, brush up, furbish, duff, refurnish
give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate.
the shower had refreshed her
имя существительное
an act or function of updating the display on a screen.
A database refresh is achieved by fully reharvesting the metadata.
According to Dr. Srinivas, once we are able to refresh our memory of our rich past and our timeless heritage, we would be in a position to rededicate ourselves to reviving the affluence and wisdom of India.
The newsagent, who has been running Longstaffs in West Road since 1980, worked as a postmaster in the 1970s and is willing to refresh his old skills or even rent out part of his shop to Royal Mail to help out his neighbours.
Cook the inaniwa pasta in plenty of boiling salted water until cooked, then refresh in cold water and drain.
short-term courses give nurses an opportunity to refresh their skills
Discover new information or refresh your memory.
However, it remains true that the evidence of witnesses is likely to have been dimmed and witnesses for Computer 2000 will not be able to refresh their memory from documents that were destroyed.
Employers must make reasonable efforts to enable returning employees to refresh or upgrade their skills to enable them to qualify for re-employment.
Ramirez shrugged and moved to the dispenser to refresh his drink.
Drain the vegetables, refresh briefly in cold water and drain again.
Of relevance here is whether leave has been granted in the past to employees who wish to enhance or refresh their skills in another area of specialisation unconnected with their current position.