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refrain / воздерживаться, удерживаться, удерживать
refrain, abstain, forgo, desist, keep, resist
refrain, persist, help
hold, hold back, refrain, restrain, retain, hold down
hold back, contain, refrain, hold in, restrain oneself, control oneself
hold back, restrain, constrain, curb, contain, refrain
имя существительное
refrain, chorus, burden, burthen, repetend, undersong
chorus, refrain, burden, bob, tag, burthen
имя существительное
a repeated line or number of lines in a poem or song, typically at the end of each verse.
These all seem to derive from the Folio text, but some may supplement it by accurately recording where breaks came between verses and refrains .
stop oneself from doing something.
she refrained from comment
Even Isaiah turns preacher in our text with a sermonic refrain repeated in verses 21 and 28.
To show this really was meant as a band effort, we then get a jaunt through Honest Plain John's ‘Psycho Girl’ with it's jangly guitar refrain and hypnotic chorus.
For example, round is another word for a roundelay, which is a short simple song with a refrain .
The guitars grow increasingly reckless and discordant to match the rising edge in Lee Ranaldo's voice before bursting into an anthemic refrain bordering on anarchy.
The plucked guitar finally overtakes the melodic refrain near the end of the piece, eventually wiping the beginning from memory.
A constant refrain from Australian political parties not only in the recent election campaign but for generations has been that Australia cannot afford more money for national defence.
Here the beat is constantly fluttered and redrawn, but somehow held together by the nearly anthemic melodic refrain .
The first song has the refrain , ‘Dark is life, is death,’ and ends with the macabre image of an ape howling in a graveyard.
Now, that's becoming almost a familiar refrain when we're talking about the Defence Department.
A constant refrain is that Scotland should follow the lead set by Norway, a small, independent country made rich by direct control of its North Sea oil.