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reformulate / переформулировать
formulate again or differently.
the company also recently reformulated its Double Fudge Bar
His response to the failure of either virological or epidemiological studies to confirm his initial hypothesis has been to reformulate it to make it ever wider and more diffuse.
It is therefore no good for socialists, whatever concessions to contemporary political realities they may be obliged to make, to try to reformulate the Labour Party, to create an upgraded and more robust version of the same.
More subtly, these issues suggest opportunities to reformulate a theory of the firm that relies less on efficient markets and more on the institutions for wealth creation and distribution.
pupils benefit from the opportunity to reformulate their thinking in a helpful atmosphere
The new legislation aims to bring us back into line with the rest of the EU, forcing manufacturers to reformulate entire ranges and invest heavily in applying for new product licences.
And just as under apartheid, people have been obliged to reformulate their ethnic identities in order to get access to resources.
The lesson for the movement has been to shift from fighting single issues to a detailed vision of the world which can reformulate itself in new ways and in new spheres if it suffers a temporary setback.
The economic slow down actually offers an opportunity to re-assess and reformulate the structure of mass transit investment.
They should seize the chance to rethink the challenge and to reformulate the laws so that genuine threats can be fought effectively, and the public reassured, while at the same time basic freedoms are honoured.
Perhaps, though, we should reformulate the question.