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reformatory / реформаторский, исправительный
имя прилагательное
correctional, corrective, remedial, penitentiary, reformatory, reformative
имя прилагательное
tending or intended to produce reform.
They emphasised the need for taking urgent reformatory steps against the fast growing social evils.
имя существительное
an institution to which youthful offenders are sent as an alternative to prison; a reform school.
Smith's workshops on songwriting, vocals and harmonica take him throughout his home state of Victoria and the rest of the country, into schools, prisons, reformatories , music stores - and ABC studios.
It also takes in underage convicts receiving reformatory education.
Robert first shot to prominence when he landed a part in Song for a Raggy Boy, the harrowing story about boys sent to a brutal 1930s reformatory school.
When he was nine he left a two-year-old child in a brook with a cut head, and received five years in a reformatory school as punishment.
It is not my intention to pathologize the thousands of living alumni of Ireland's industrial and reformatory schools by suggesting that they present a danger to society.
The amendments also introduced the option of paying fines from 100 to 1000 leva instead of reformatory labour or imprisonment.
Its defendants praised the reformatory emphasis of Pentonville, its generally softer punishment regime, its system of solitary confinement, and its emphasis on prisoners' self-development.
Most say they want to testify about their childhood experiences in residential care, mainly in industrial and reformatory schools.
They emphasised the need for taking urgent reformatory steps against the fast growing social evils.
In total, 331 male witnesses reported that 445 people associated with industrial or reformatory schools abused them, with 402 males and 43 females being identified.
Many women were also sent to the reformatory on the suspicion of having a venereal disease.