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reforest / восстанавливать лесные массивы, насаждать леса
восстанавливать лесные массивы
насаждать леса
replant with trees; cover again with forest.
a project to reforest the country's coastal areas
Each tree purchase aids efforts to reforest ecosystems and habitats across the United States and around the world.
It would reforest land around several streams, restore three damaged springs, and use alternative techniques to control erosion.
All three components are tightly linked in a cooperative research program to reforest Missouri floodplains once dominated by oaks and other native trees.
a project to reforest the country's coastal areas
It has put forward no plans, however, to force timber companies to reforest the stripped areas and made no mention of the ongoing logging activities.
The Global ReLeaf campaign aims to plant 300,000 hillside trees and 3,000 street trees to reforest denuded slopes in and around the city.
As efforts to reforest the Earth gain momentum and as tree plantations expand, tree planting will emerge as a leading economic activity.
a project to reforest the country's coastal areas
The WWRC set a goal of planting 1,000 trees to help reforest the community.
Since 1993, Oakhurst has been helping to reforest the Portland area through the Oakhurst Millennium Tree Challenge.