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refocus / перефокусировать, изменить направление
изменить направление
adjust the focus of (a lens or one's eyes).
One would like to know precisely what effects refocusing a lens in a camera obscura would have on the perspective organization of Vermeer's interiors.
This means that the user has constantly to refocus the lenses when moving from one close object to another.
refocus attention on yourself through repeating your main points
The detective seemed to refocus his eyes and remember where he was.
And we need to refocus both our resources and the restructure our intelligence community, and those things are going on.
She holds a hand mirror an inch from my nose and I take a second to refocus my eyes, not expecting to see myself so closely.
In a compound microscope, a series of lenses are used to focus, magnify, and refocus the image.
So fast, in fact, that human reactions couldn't adjust, and the drivers complained of not having time to refocus their eyes between corners.
Harries proposes that we leave space to science and refocus our attention on making a success of dwelling on earth.
he just had time to refocus his binoculars
Concave lenses with minus or divergent power correct this refractive error and refocus the light rays on the correct point on the retina.