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reflector / отражатель, рефлектор
имя существительное
reflector, deflector, speculum, ejector, rejector, baffler
reflector, speculum, reverberator
имя существительное
a piece of glass, metal, or other material for reflecting light in a required direction, e.g., a red one on the back of a motor vehicle or bicycle.
Screw the reflector onto the light socket.
Today, besides doing the sound, I did focus pulling, some camera work, held the light, held the reflector , and did so many other things as well.
There was even a large reflector telescope to view the action through the clouds.
Today, there are reflector telescopes which allow the viewer to get a clearer view of clusters and nebula.
But according to Singh, when the police punched his name into their computer, they found he that had an unpaid fine from 1994 for riding his bicycle without a reflector .
I did not use a front light - I used a reflector !
They measured the dimensions of the multi-layer reflector and fed those details into a computer program.
Place a 3-inch wide red reflector behind the seat.
The Base Balder Formation unconformity forms a highly undulating, structured seismic reflector .
The reflector reflects the light from the lamp toward the condensing lens, which focuses the light onto the slide being projected.
Accordingly, a radio telescope consists of a concave metal reflector that focuses the radio waves on a receiver.