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reflective / отражающий, задумчивый, мыслящий
имя прилагательное
reflecting, reflective, mirroring, repulsive
pensive, thoughtful, meditative, wistful, contemplative, reflective
thinking, intellectual, reasoning, reflective, cogitative, eggheaded
имя прилагательное
providing a reflection; capable of reflecting light or other radiation.
reflective glass
relating to or characterized by deep thought; thoughtful.
a quiet, reflective, astute man
Pedestrians and cyclists were encouraged to wear reflective armbands and light coloured clothing.
He's very introspective and reflective , and he's caught up in the problems of existence in a non-religious world.
While large amounts of reflective glass may be aesthetically pleasing, it is more harmful to our feathered friends.
Later, when he addressed a group of media people, it was in a reflective , rueful, almost confessional mode.
The final product contains newly-composed contemporary songs with reflective and thought-provoking themes.
The original color swept out of them in favor of that reflective glow.
He confirmed that the deceased was wearing dark clothing and that the bicycle had no lights or reflective tape on it.
Those grains have fewer reflective surfaces, and hence absorb more solar radiation.
Feeling more subdued than usual, I wandered the streets in a deep, reflective mood and thought about my mother.
His goal was to teach the students, via interaction with mathematics, critical and reflective thought.