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reflection / отражение, рефлексия, размышление
имя существительное
reflection, repulse, reflexion, image, mirror, reflex
reflection, reflexion
thinking, meditation, reflection, thought, contemplation, think
reflection, glow, gleam, glint, reflexion, reflex
reflection, reflex, reflexion
имя существительное
the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it.
the reflection of light
serious thought or consideration.
he doesn't get much time for reflection
This is no reflection on the strength of our marriage and we are very much enjoying our new life in Spain.
There is no sign of the ‘retired’ Keane in the squad but that is no reflection on the assistance he readily offered Munster for the first two games of the competition.
What is required is a national conference to engage in some serious debate and reflection about where we go from here.
But theory is rarely an accurate reflection of reality.
Both of the men who signed for them said their absence was no reflection on their commitment to peace.
If the plane contains the main rotation axis then it is usually called a vertical reflection plane; and if it is perpendicular to the main rotation axis it is known as a horizontal reflection plane.
But on further reflection we decided that such a limit was really not necessary.
The approach adopted is, in general, descriptive with little critical reflection on the existing body of historical literature.
And Canegrowers Isis chairman Joe Russo described the outcome as a reflection of the lack of confidence in growing sugar cane.
I retire to the toilet for a moment's reflection and a good cry.