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refit / ремонт, переоборудование, починка
имя существительное
repairs, repair, renovation, overhaul, rehabilitation, refit
re-equipment, refit, retooling, refitment
repair, mending, refit
equipment, outfit, rig, kit, accoutrement, refit
retool, refit, re-equip, rejig, recondition
repair, fix, mend, darn, bodge, refit
repair, fix, renovate, overhaul, recondition, refit
equip, fit out, outfit, fit up, accouter, refit
имя существительное
a restoration or repair of machinery, equipment, or fittings.
Now, after an extensive refit and repairs, carried out at Portsmouth, the ship is again preparing for front-line service.
replace or repair machinery, equipment, and fittings in (a ship, building, etc.).
a lucrative contract to refit a submarine fleet
As the ship was heading from Portsmouth to Rosyth for a one-year refit , the three-day visit to Hull was slotted in to her schedule.
The Epplelton Hall, a steam-powered sidewheel workboat was recently towed back to her berth there after a refit across the harbor.
The yacht has been undergoing an extensive refit in North Vancouver ever since Lyon and crew sailed it to Vancouver from Holland last June.
Lingfield Park, situated in lovely countryside not far from Edenbridge, will continue to operate during the extensive refit .
The nine-month refit has seen the patrol ship fitted with three new diesel generators and the junior rates' mess has been rebuilt.
Argus returned to the West Country in May last year, and began her refit at the A & P Falmouth Shipyard in September.
They have flown to La Coruna in northern Spain to examine the trawler Celestial Dawn, which underwent an extensive refit in Devon after the Trident sinking in which seven men died.
Russia will also give India, for the cost of an extensive refit , the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov to replace its existing ageing carrier.
Safety at York's oldest swimming pool complex has been upgraded following an Easter refit ordered by York leisure chiefs.
Gawler had just completed a 16-week period that included a refit at Darwin Ship Repair and Engineering.