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refinery / рафинадный завод, очистительный завод, рафинировочный завод
имя существительное
рафинадный завод
refinery, sugar-refinery
очистительный завод
рафинировочный завод
имя существительное
an industrial installation where a substance is refined.
an oil refinery
The residents claim that fish caught in local waters are tainted with oil deposits from the refinery .
Emissions from even one giant cargo ship's engines rival those of an oil refinery .
The industrial sector includes an oil refinery , steelworks, and chemicals.
The twin-engine plane had taken off from Tripoli and was on its way to an oil refinery when the incident happened.
The workers blocked access to an oil refinery and interrupted road travel into Bolivia.
an oil refinery
an oil refinery
But ethanol must be blended with gasoline at an oil refinery to make it usable as a fuel.
Curaçao is unspoiled, in the truest sense of the word: you can buy a postcard of the oil refinery .
It's next to the ocean, you've got three industrial sites and it's next to an oil refinery .