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refinement / изысканность, утонченность, усовершенствование
имя существительное
refinement, delicacy, courtliness, polish, daintiness, preciosity
refinement, sophistication, subtlety, elegance, delicacy, exquisiteness
improvement, enhancement, development, refinement, perfectioning
имя существительное
the process of removing impurities or unwanted elements from a substance.
the refinement of uranium
This process does not require the three-step refinement needed to produce steel from ore.
From a range of proposals, the project created by the Peugeot Style Centre was chosen, due to its fluid lines that give the car a powerful look, refinement and elegance.
The processes of refinement , manufacture and consumption each have inputs (materials and energy) and outputs (products, energy and waste).
Uncluttered and spacious, the overall design suggests modern refinement and glamour rather than stuffy tradition.
Once this is created, Joint Forces Command and the services can undertake the actual process of concept development, testing, and refinement .
Why is it that when the evolution of man is picturised, humans are the ultimate in the process of evolutionary refinement ?
Of course, calling Descartes the first nerd grossly ignores his personal refinement , elegant prose style, sly wit, even his surprising career as a soldier of fortune.
the refinement of Hellenistic art
When I think of Jenny a myriad of words come to mind; beauty, depth, elegance, refinement , talent, charm, sensuality, intellect… and these are just the first that come to mind!
the refinement of uranium