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refine / усовершенствовать, совершенствовать, улучшать
improve, perfect, refine, improve on, improve upon
improve, perfect, develop, refine, enhance, accomplish
improve, better, refine, perfect, improve on, improve upon
remove impurities or unwanted elements from (a substance), typically as part of an industrial process.
sugar was refined by boiling it in huge iron vats
We then used the results of our analysis to refine the original theory and to add to the literature in new ways.
Universities not only transmit knowledge, they also refine existing knowledge and develop new knowledge and ideas.
Arabs were probably the first to cultivate and refine sugar around the Mediterranean.
Good investors continually refine their stock picking method, tweaking it here and there.
I try to touch on topics that I feel are universal, and refine my methods of communication so what I'm saying is clear to any listener.
Rundle and Holliday are working to refine the method and find new ways to visualize the data.
He attempted to simplify and refine existing theories and to present them from new perspectives.
It used to be a real problem to refine sugar before his invention made the process simpler and more profitable.
The Prime Minister and his Deputy met representatives of Australia's four major oil refiners in Sydney today to discuss how they'll reach the government's biofuels target.
But perhaps the most impressive feat was refining the oil to run vehicles.