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refinance / рефинансировать, дополнительно финансировать
дополнительно финансировать
finance (something) again, typically with a new loan at a lower rate of interest.
Governments have saved billions by refinancing the national debt at lower interest rates.
With a cash-out refinancing, you refinance your mortgage for more than you owe and pocket the difference.
There are many ways to consolidate or refinance your college student loan debt.
One thing to note, however, is that it is a good idea for companies to refinance their debt to lower their interest rates.
companies must refinance £20 billion of warrants and bonds
Households also continue to refinance their mortgages or use home-equity loans to fund their shopping sprees.
If you have a home loan, refinance your mortgage to lower your payments.
Whatever the reason, some lenders are squirming out of deals to refinance home loans at rates below 6 percent.
The government is now negotiating with a dozen banks to refinance the debt at rates it can afford.
Many companies, of course, got busy early this year, refinancing old obligations and taking on new loans.
The Jacksons also refinanced the home equity loan they had taken out to renovate a third house they inherited from Jacqueline's father.