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referential / справочный, ориентировочный, относящийся к чему-л.
имя прилагательное
approximate, pro forma, referential
относящийся к чему-л.
referring, referential
имя прилагательное
containing or of the nature of references or allusions.
As both message and context, nature can manifest the referential function.
of or relating to a referent, in particular having the external world rather than a text or language as a referent.
K. Anthony Appiah argues that racial ascriptions are problematic whether one adopts an ideational or a referential theory of language.
As both message and context, nature can manifest the referential function.
While the poems are often wild as usual, their referential reach is bound by the subject of the volume.
Maybe she has decided her column should replicate a blog post that synthesises a number of sources (but without the referential hyperlinks)?
Almodóvar is one wildly referential director, riding pop culture throughout this Bad Education.
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is only part of Lewis's multi-layered seven-volume fiction, and like most referential treatments of classic literature, it is overlong and sometimes awkward.
Now, everyone seems to agree about where the basic referential morphemes here come from.
Another piece of evidence that supported the study was that male talk tends to be more referential or informative, while female talk is more supportive and facilitative.
It was surely from Rothko, though, that he learned the profound truth that a simple shape can be not merely referential to the observed world but can in itself sum up and communicate human ideas.
Before identifying a paradigmatic text on which to focus, a basic understanding of the referential patterns in audience attitudes toward age, gender, and romance in screen cultures was sought.
There is an intuition that indefinites have specific readings in which they are referential and where the speaker can identify the referent, but the hearer cannot.