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referendum / референдум
имя существительное
referendum, plebiscite
имя существительное
a general vote by the electorate on a single political question that has been referred to them for a direct decision.
He could also claim a legitimacy built on a succession of victories in irreproachably clean popular votes in referendums and multi-party elections.
My first close involvement with Robin was during the devolution referendum campaign of the late 1970s.
But the single biggest factor that could dictate prices is the French referendum on the European constitution.
Sharon could also decide to call a national referendum on the issue, which he would probably win.
to hold a referendum on the constitution
Residents will have the final say on the proposals as part of next year's devolution referendum .
In it, Baudrillard describes the French referendum on the European constitution as a farce, and as state terrorism.
The government's reasons for proposing the citizenship referendum have shifted repeatedly since it was first announced.
There is speculation that Britain will hold a national referendum on the issue sometime in 2003.
Land reform became the cornerstone of Mugabe's agenda after he lost a national constitutional referendum in February 2000.
If a euro referendum is not held before 2006, Mr Brown could have a long wait for the job.