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reference / ссылка, справка, упоминание
имя существительное
link, reference, exile, ref, citation, allusion
reference, inquiry, enquiry
mention, reference, allusion, citation, touching
находить по ссылке
снабжать текст ссылками
cope, manage, consult, master, refer, reference
имя существительное
the action of mentioning or alluding to something.
he made reference to the enormous power of the mass media
use of a source of information in order to ascertain something.
popular works of reference
a letter from a previous employer testifying to someone's ability or reliability, used when applying for a new job.
Mr Bradshaw handed in references from a previous employer which spoke of her reliability and honesty.
provide (a book or article) with citations of authorities.
each chapter is referenced, citing literature up to 1990
Quite simply, it authorized the cabinet to make laws it thought appropriate without reference to or approval by the assembly.
He could thus establish his own authority without reference to the Soto or Rinzai patriarchal lines.
In his introduction, the Prime Minister made reference to this new type of relationship that China and Australia are developing and the significance of his address to Parliament.
They're derivative - the top of the tower in the middle reminds of some other building, and unfortunately I loaned out the book that has the reference .
One of the poems, written in June 1999, entitled Knocking on Heaven's Door, made reference to ‘one million dollars cash’.
The other, more exciting activity was that I found some lost reference books.
In addition, there are no reference books about the exam written in Braille.
I was dismissed from the library, but with a good reference
While I understand that most readers will be at their desks with easy access to a hymnal, I would have liked to see each text printed in the book for quick reference .
It is clear the applicant made a deliberate decision, without reference to planning officers, to implement changes.