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referee / рефери, судья, арбитр
имя существительное
referee, umpire
judge, referee, magistrate, umpire, justice, court
arbitrator, referee, arbiter, judge, adjudicator, moderator
третейский судья
arbitrator, arbiter, umpire, referee, judge
judge, try, referee, adjudicate, view
mention, refer, referee
имя существительное
an official who watches a game or match closely to ensure that the rules are adhered to and (in some sports) to arbitrate on matters arising from the play.
During the match assistant referee Andrew Halliday was felled by a hurled coin and bottles were thrown.
a person appointed to examine and assess for publication a scientific or other academic work.
We are all familiar with how journal editors can select referees to get the reports they want.
act as referee for.
the man who refereed the World Cup final
Pat White was an impartial referee in a game played in a sporting spirit.
A referee has huge power and what is written by a referee in his report is taken as the ‘gospel’.
I asked the referee at half-time why he hadn't given a penalty.
To start with, the referee has to be asked about the customer's character and creditworthiness and, generally, about his circumstances in life.
The first round tie kicked off 25 minutes late when the appointed referee failed to turn up.
If there is one thing he should never be allowed to do again, it's referee a professional football match.
When Oliver was asked to referee the game, he was delighted and agreed immediately.
For a change, the video referee ruled against Saints and the try was rightly allowed to stand.
I might not know a great deal about how to referee a game of football but I do know right from wrong.
It takes a special person to referee a wrestling match.