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refer / сослаться, ссылаться, относиться
refer, cite
refer, cite, allude, plead, quote, mention
treat, refer, belong, concern, relate, apply
mention or allude to.
the reports of the commission are often referred to in the media
pass a matter to (another body, typically one with more authority or expertise) for a decision.
disagreement arose and the issue was referred back to the Executive Committee
trace or attribute something to (someone or something) as a cause or source.
the God to whom he habitually referred his highest inspirations
The decision to refer the matter to the Security Council is a sign, moreover, that the world is united in its view that North Korea and Iraq are grave concerns.
the prisoner may require the Secretary of State to refer his case to the Parole Board
doctors will be able to refer patients to a hospital
We have repeatedly asked the council to refer this matter to an independent body.
refer all queries to the press officer
A decision to refer a matter to the minister depends on its sensitivity, demands on resources, need for a political judgement, and uncertainty about the minister's reactions.
Their brief is to resolve as many issues as possible without going to the full cabinet, and if they cannot reach a decision to refer the question to that body.
I always refer to a dictionary when I come across a new word
His decision not to refer the matter to the Minister, on the face of the material before the Court, cannot be said to be so unreasonable that no reasonable decision-maker could have made it.
I refer my honourable friend to the reply that I gave some moments ago