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refectory / трапезная, столовая
имя существительное
dining room, canteen, eatery, mess, refectory, cantina
имя существительное
a room used for communal meals, especially in an educational or religious institution.
Brendan and his companions are taken to the refectory for a delicious meal.
‘We took our meals in the refectory and questioned the monks about their decisions to become Benedictines,’ said Schlaht.
What would be wrong in a works canteen or a student refectory may be acceptable or tolerable or not worth making a fuss over in a night club.
The cars are filling up fast for this special visit to Winchester Cathedral with lunch in the refectory and a special tour, followed by Evensong.
Brendan and his companions are taken to the refectory for a delicious meal.
On the left side next to the staircase, there is a corridor which leads to the refectory , the kitchen and six hermit cells.
A big hit with students has been the large refectory , which has a New York-style diner serving food and good-quality coffee, Don's Pizzeria, a Stopgap shop selling snacks and sandwiches and a Ritazza coffee bar.
The rest of the buildings - including the library, the refectory , the day room and the monks' cells (from the Latin cella rather than from any notion of prison, they assured me) were all out of bounds.
The band spent the day at school and had lunch at the refectory before tearing into a performance of questionable educational value.
The Pugin Centre will also offer meeting rooms, an education suite and a café refectory , as well as the possibility for an East Manchester Museum.
A new refectory and kitchen will provide a place where pensioners can get a cooked meal daily.