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ref / ссылка
имя существительное
link, reference, exile, ref, citation, allusion
имя существительное
(in sports) a referee.
The amount of abuse that some players give the refs must make refs feel like sending players off just to shut them up.
act as referee in (a game or match).
Steve Clark will be reffing the game.
I can understand how the ref didn't spot it, but the linesman must just have been asleep.
The replay is shown over and over again before the video ref decides that Owen was very marginally offside.
Often this is seen by both players and fans as the assistant ref not knowing what offside is.
We had a big tournament game coming up and I found out that Rob was going to ref our game.
It was hit hard enough to decapitate him, but the ref hasn't noticed and he's given a goal kick.
With time running out and Salford supporters screaming at the ref to blow for full time, Duffy made another break.
It can happen when you play away from home that a ref can think he's got to even the game up when he's already sent another player off.
It's neither here nor there, however, because the ref 's blown up for a goal kick.
Tom explained the situation and asked Dave if he would ref the game for him, and Dave agreed.
I remember a couple of occasions when the ref stopped the game for no apparent reason and called Nelson over.