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reel / катушка, барабан, шатание
имя существительное
coil, bobbin, reel, spool, sheave
drum, reel, barrel, cylinder, roll, tambour
reel, vacillation, stagger, wandering, play, roaming
reel up, wind, coil, reel, wind up, quill
reel, wind up, reel off, hank, interwind
stagger, totter, falter, reel, gad, mosey
имя существительное
a cylinder on which film, wire, thread, or other flexible materials can be wound.
‘I have to keep rolling the thread reels which keeps my elbows moving,’ he said.
a lively Scottish or Irish folk dance.
As a young officer in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, he became adept at reels , strathspeys and sword dances.
wind a line onto a reel by turning the reel.
That's his hand holding my spent target, after I emptied a round in it and reeled it in .
lose one's balance and stagger or lurch violently.
he punched Connolly in the ear, sending him reeling
dance a reel.
Anyone who wanted to dance could reel to the sound of the ceilidh band playing at the Butter Cross.
Yet it is true to say that most anglers leave their line on a reel for far too long.
The boat tows the lure, the fish eats, the boat carries on, line comes off the reel and the fish is hooked.
Perhaps my favorite extra feature was the outtake reel , which lasts about 8 minutes.
Surely they can stretch to a reel of fibre or at least a hub and some cat 5!
Despite noticeable speckles, nicks and the odd scratch, the first reel of the film looks quite good with excellent contrast and sharp images.
Physically, they are usually simple: a reel of film, a CD, a computer disk, a sheet of printed-paper.
I thought I was watching the last reel of a Halloween or Friday the 13th movie.
The eventual question is, to what lengths of madness will the obsessive Murnau go to complete the final reel of his masterwork?
A reel of release paper is loaded onto the machinery at 26 and is led through a variety of stages at which, one by one, the various layers of the leaflet/label are fed onto or cut in situ onto it.
Wires are placed in a wire holder or a reel is suspended from the worker's belt for accessibility.