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reek / вонь, дым, пар
имя существительное
stink, stench, reek, pong, fetor, funk
smoke, fume, reek
steam, vapor, fallow, fume, exhalation, reek
strike, reek
stink, reek, hum, pong
неприятно пахнуть
имя существительное
a foul smell.
the reek of cattle dung
smell strongly and unpleasantly; stink.
the yard reeked of wet straw and stale horse manure
The sounds of gentle snoring and the reek of alcohol permeated the room.
The air grew foul, the reek of rotting death made them heave as they picked their way through the mass of tangled bodies.
while temples crash, and towers in ashes reek
A Millfield Avenue resident living near the beck said: ‘Last night there was a real reek of diesel.’
I thought that the reason for this was the hot summers we've had - in fact the reek emanating from them has always reminded me of the whiffs in towns I've visited when on holiday in hot countries.
The smell of cooking flesh mingles wretchedly with the reek of voided bowels and bladder.
the reek of cattle dung
he recovered himself and turned to peer through the reek
I was already beginning to reek and smell, and they were odors other than the normal scents that the body gave off.
Her shoes are off, and she hopes her feet don't smell - at least not enough so that he can smell them through the reek of drunkenness and cigarettes.