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reedy / пронзительный, заросший тростником, тростниковый
имя прилагательное
piercing, shrill, shrilly, penetrating, sharp, reedy
заросший тростником
reeded, reedy, flaggy
reed, reedy, rushy, cany
имя прилагательное
(of a voice, sound, or instrument) high and thin in tone.
Frank's reedy voice
(of water or land) full of or edged with reeds.
they swam in the reedy lake
(of a person) tall and thin.
a reedy twelve-year-old
She has a high-pitched reedy voice that doesn't stretch into the corners of these dark hued songs as much as shimmer above them like an unreliable narrator.
As Sally, Alyson Hannigan does an unearthly impression of the young Meg Ryan: complete with pert and self-satisfied little smirk and reedy , weedy voice.
‘Each man kills the thing he loves,’ sings Moreau in reedy , exhausted tones that recapitulate the inevitable downward trajectory of every star's career.
Didn't we all know that Hepburn, as slender and reedy as she was all her life, was made of solid oak?
Little grebes may be expected in the vicinity of Breydon Water all year; up to 20 breeding pairs occupy reedy dykes at Berney and alongside the south wall.
Swollen with meltwater from the mountains, a stream rushed between reedy banks.
Just after she checked in, a thin, reedy man with graying hair to match his gray wool suit approached her.
Countless sounds are utilised, from a harp to a child's toy, while Adem's understated voice is reedy and affecting, belying the fact that he was merely the bass player in Fridge.
Her voice was thin and reedy ; her throat clicked drily as she tried to swallow.
He sings in his usual reedy voice, sounding all but lost in the swirl.