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reed / тростник, камыш, свирель
имя существительное
cane, reed, rush, thatch, frail
cane, reed, rush, sedge
pipe, reed, sackbut, panpipe, reedpipe, quill
имя прилагательное
reed, reedy, rushy, cany
имя существительное
a tall, slender-leaved plant of the grass family that grows in water or on marshy ground.
Aquatic plants come in many forms, from relatively simple multi-cellular algae to reeds and water lilies.
a thing or person resembling or likened to a reed, in particular.
a piece of thin cane or metal, sometimes doubled, that vibrates in a current of air to produce the sound of various musical instruments, as in the mouthpiece of a clarinet or oboe, at the base of some organ pipes, and as part of a set in the accordion and harmonica.
She had just attached the reed to the mouth piece when she realized, ‘Oh my gosh!’
an electrical contact used in a magnetically operated switch or relay.
By bouncing, the reed breaks an electrical circuit.
Coren was sucking on a saxophone reed , listening to them talk.
A second, smaller robe, also with tassels, is carried rolled up in a reed scroll called a ‘suitcase’ in English.
She hoped no one noticed her bright cheeks as she attached the reed to her mouth piece.
a bright reed of energy pierced the starship bridge
To portray the harsher reality produced by the war, Beckmann switched from the soft pencil he had previously used to a reed pen, giving him a harder, more precise line.
a reed relay
He looked like a commoner, with reed sandals and a plain, pleated kilt wrapped around his waist.
a reed curtain
I speak from experience when I say that a mouldy reed has neither the taste nor the sound of a clean reed .
They were meant to imitate reed matting on the walls.