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reduplicate / удваивать, повторять
double, redouble, duplicate, reduplicate, geminate
repeat, reiterate, replicate, iterate, rehearse, reduplicate
имя прилагательное
double, twin, doubled, binary, geminate, reduplicate
doubled, double, duplicated, twofold, reduplicated, reduplicate
repeat or copy so as to form another of the same kind.
the upper parts of the harmony may be reduplicated at the octave above
Of course it was kind of hard to reduplicate it, it's not like a formula, you know something that happens to you.
When you find that perfect blend, you want to be able to reduplicate it, and it's near impossible if you didn't take notes!
This way, you can reduplicate the blend if you ever need to.
Now, there are some interesting restrictions on English reduplication , but the plain fact of it is incontestable (at least in every North American dialect I've ever come across).
The above General Terms and Conditions were not reduplicated in the revised 4 vessel policy; but the case has been argued on the basis that they are properly incorporated.
This reduplicative lexicon vanishes entirely in lines 7-10, only to reappear (further emphasized by grammatical parallelism) in lines 11-13 - ‘Sweet roses sweet deaths sweetest odours beauteous.’
Then somehow the bye-part was reduplicated and the less formal version bye-bye was formed - don't ask me why, that's the part I couldn't figure out.
A second case of grammatical negative transfer is the use of reduplication when using nouns, which is a common practice in Chinese, but indicates redundancy in English.
He makes the point that reduplicative is really tautologous - ‘duplicative’ would have been sufficient, if it were a noun.
A number are reduplicative , as in Tilba Tilba, Wagga Wagga, and Woy Woy.