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redundancy / избыток, чрезмерность, многословие
имя существительное
excess, surplus, abundance, glut, overflow, redundancy
redundancy, exorbitance, extremity, redundance, exorbitancy
verbosity, verbiage, wordiness, prolixity, redundancy, verbalization
излишек рабочей силы
redundancy, redundance
сокращение рабочих или служащих
redundance, redundancy
имя существительное
the state of being not or no longer needed or useful.
the redundancy of 19th-century heavy plant machinery
This level of redundancy exists not only at the component level, but also at the distribution level.
The firm said it hoped many of the job losses would be through voluntary redundancy .
Singles are one of the most deceptive pieces of redundancy every created in music (topped only by the entire pop-punk genre).
a high degree of redundancy is built into the machinery installation
The workforce has been reduced by voluntary redundancy from 380 to 310, with the removal of 40 temporary workers and 30 permanently employed.
Sure, there's a good deal of redundancy here, but such redundancy is often rhetorically valuable.
The helicopter systems and components have redundancy , the duplicated systems being installed on opposite sides of the fuselage.
Meanwhile, there are fears some temporary staff may be laid off this week and 45 trainee pilots are also facing immediate redundancy .
It is offering a voluntary severance package to its 900 staff - compulsory redundancy will follow if necessary.
Worse still, the electro beat that underscores most of the album wears thin to the point of redundancy by the time the closing track rolls around.