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reduction / сокращение, уменьшение, восстановление
имя существительное
abbreviation, reduction, contraction, shortening, shrinking, shrinkage
decrease, reduction, decline, diminution, mitigation, lessening
reduction, recovery, restoration, reconstruction, rehabilitation, regeneration
имя существительное
the action or fact of making a specified thing smaller or less in amount, degree, or size.
talks on arms reduction
a thing that is made smaller or less in size or amount, in particular.
the action of remedying a dislocation or fracture by returning the affected part of the body to its normal position.
Subsequent plain films and computed tomography confirmed satisfactory reduction with no acetabular fracture.
the process or result of reducing or being reduced.
Oxidation and reduction are two processes that are quite common in chemical reactions.
substitution of a sound that requires less muscular effort to articulate.
the process of vowel reduction
Although the composer himself prepared the piano reduction , one misses the vivid panoply of orchestral sonorities in La Valse.
Oxidation and reduction are two processes that are quite common in chemical reactions.
The chemical reduction of nitrate to nitrite requires metabolic energy.
Experimentation is necessary to determine the dilution required for a particular reduction .
Seven years prior to admission, he sustained a traumatic ankle fracture that required surgical reduction .
In particular Zhang sees the reduction of fractions to a common denominator as hard.
A reduction in flights would have had little adverse effect on my progress through the program.
talks on arms reduction
Add the reduction to the sauce and simmer for 10 minutes.
If there's a sustained period of reduced car crime and a reduction in claims, I think we would expect to see some sort of reduction in your car insurance, or alternatively a slow-down in the rate of increase.