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reducible / сводимый, допускающий уменьшение
имя прилагательное
допускающий уменьшение
имя прилагательное
(of a subject or problem) capable of being simplified in presentation or analysis.
Shakespeare's major soliloquies are not reducible to categories
(of a polynomial) able to be factorized into two or more polynomials of lower degree.
This fraction too can be reduced, and perhaps the new one will be reducible too.
This fraction too can be reduced, and perhaps the new one will be reducible too.
All DIY projects should be reducible to an A4 sized flowchart detailing a handful of easy steps, available by calling a 1900 number after the show.
There is no point in speculating about place apart from its representations; yet, place is also not simply reducible to concepts.
That said, both films are not reducible to fables about victimhood.
Perhaps sports are reducible to co-ordination and spacial perception.
But engagement in a wider social sense is not reducible to individual activism.
But what about the suggestion that event causation is instead reducible to, or analysable in terms of, agent causation?
As conservatives generally do, I see the world as infinitely complex and as not reducible to any simple rule.
The game is not reducible to the subjectivity of the players; it has an identity over and above them and is intended as such.
Is all learning alike, reducible to a common set of principles?