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reduce / уменьшить, снижать, уменьшать
reduce, decrease, diminish, abate
reduce, lower, cut, sink, degrade, bring down
reduce, decrease, diminish, lower, lessen, mitigate
make smaller or less in amount, degree, or size.
the need for businesses to reduce costs
bring someone or something to (a lower or weaker state, condition, or role).
she has been reduced to near poverty
change a substance to (a different or more basic form).
it is difficult to understand how lava could have been reduced to dust
cause to combine chemically with hydrogen.
restore (a dislocated part) to its proper position by manipulation or surgery.
The dislocation is reduced at the hospital in Taos, but there are so many broken bones that I'll need surgery.
If it is not, lift out the potatoes with a slotted spoon into a serving dish and reduce the sauce further by boiling.
bills will reduce by 10%
they've seen their sales reduce
There is no need to reduce the proper fractions to their lowest forms - Euclid's algorithm will still give the correct CF.
But what is being done to try and lower this risk and thus reduce the cost of car insurance for everyone?
to reduce the need for sth
you can reduce the text
It is easy to reduce arguments to simplistic ideas.
we need to reduce pollution significantly
These people are highly sensitive to carbohydrates and can't seem to lose any weight unless they severely reduce their carb intake.