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redraft / пересоставить
recompose, redraft
имя существительное
обратный переводной вексель
имя существительное
a document, text, or map that has been redrafted.
Subsequently, on 20th September 1983, Mr Sugar sent Mr Lee a redraft of the amendment.
draft (a document, text, or map) again in a different way.
I enclose a redrafted version
There was then the final meeting the following March when the draft affidavit was discussed and a redraft prepared.
Representatives of the Member States should now demand a redraft in light of the principles and values discussed here.
Recoiling in exasperation at the tone produced by delicate official negotiations he asked me to take a laptop computer home to Glasgow and we worked on a complete redraft over a weekend.
it is important to redraft your will in the event of family breakdown
He was one of the major figures responsible for the 1999 redraft .
No doubt, there may be some who meticulously plot each word, draft, redraft , ponder and post.
A redraft of the copyright law next year may give us the right to copy our own CDs, but for now, I'm a thief.
I turn to private bills, local bills, and local legislation bills and tell members that a considerable redraft has been done in Appendix B.
My self-imposed deadline for completing my novel redraft is November 15 of this year.
Finally, after reading a redraft and suggesting that we change one item to toughen our position, he headed for the door with our final offer in hand.