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redoubtable / грозный, устрашающий, доблестный
имя прилагательное
formidable, fearsome, redoubtable, angry, redoubted, rampant
awesome, deterrent, redoubtable, horrendous, redoubted
valiant, valorous, gallant, doughty, redoubtable, redoubted
dangerous, hazardous, unsafe, perilous, risky, redoubtable
brave, courageous, valiant, gallant, bold, redoubtable
имя прилагательное
(of a person) formidable, especially as an opponent.
he was a redoubtable debater
Then, in 1988, he attracted his own ITV series, written by the redoubtable Keith Waterhouse.
It is the inspiration for the story of a redoubtable guy who has seen an injustice and has been dedicating a part of his life to correcting it.
Only the redoubtable Sam Smyth succeeded where all others failed.
Despite his odd profession, and his generally humane views, he is as tough and as passionate as Caesar, and a redoubtable adversary to him.
Not until Richard usurped the throne in 1483 did Henry's prospects brighten, his cause sustained largely by his redoubtable mother.
‘If that was the case then they clearly reckoned without Mrs Hiley, a redoubtable lady who has stuck to her guns throughout,’ he said.
In 1926, a redoubtable woman called Miss Elsie Wagg laid the foundations for the National Gardens Scheme.
Three points down after seven games, he pulled up to equality, only to see his redoubtable opponent draw away again.
But, seriously, if any player can match talent with the redoubtable Williams this year, it's Rush.
And what about his equation with his redoubtable father?