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redo / переделывать, делать вновь
alter, rework, remake, remodel, redo, recast
делать вновь
do over, redo
do (something) again or differently.
a whole day's work has to be redone
имя существительное
a redecoration of a room or building.
a total redo of the second floor shopping concourse
‘But then we realized that it would take a few years and a lot of money to redo an older house,’ Julia says.
It will take even longer to redo the database, he said.
The company is also advocating a redo of the train station itself.
I knew soon enough Lizzie would demand her own room outside of the nursery and I had convinced Adam to redo one of the rooms on the third floor for her thirteenth birthday in a few years.
My mother was a teacher, so she basically had to redo her qualifications, and Dad did a lot of travelling, so it was hard on her.
a total redo of the second floor shopping concourse
A modest redo involving new paint, cabinet hardware and floor covering paid back 87 percent of the investment.
In all, the 11-month-long redo cost about $125 per square foot.
‘We ended up going to grab something to eat and I bought stuff to redo my room and he walked me home,’ I shrugged.
Once we have stopped people walking through the flower beds we might be able to redo the landscaping.