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redistribute / перераспределять
redistribute, reallocate, repartition
distribute (something) differently or again, typically to achieve greater social equality.
their primary concern was to redistribute income from rich to poor
A just social order required state action to redistribute resources.
Eliminate positions and redistribute the work to those who remain.
If you don't redistribute wealth then you get vast economic differences between rich and poor.
People are unwilling to redistribute large amounts of income to their own detriment, and plans to do so usually have some ulterior end.
However, it can redistribute the market share of the different companies that sell hair product and clothing.
their primary concern was to redistribute income from rich to poor
They tend toward social policies which redistribute wealth from those who have earned it to those who need it.
Whiting is a reformer who wants to redistribute income from the rich to the poor by engaging government tax power.
‘We want to redistribute tourism among the different museums on offer,’ he said.
The Act will not redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich, but from the imprudent borrower to the prudent borrower.