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rediscover / вновь открыть для себя
заново открыть
find, regain
discover (something forgotten or ignored) again.
he was trying to rediscover his Gaelic roots
he was trying to rediscover his Gaelic roots
Families are being encouraged to rediscover their roots by using a computer at a family history day this weekend.
Both teachers were drawn to non-Western music and helped Sinta rediscover her roots.
So of course I had to rediscover my Christmas roots and write a column about it.
he was trying to rediscover his Gaelic roots
And when I'm constantly rediscovering tracks from old albums, I feel less of a need to go out and gather new material.
People are rediscovering its beauty and recreational potential.
With the eighteenth century, the rediscovery of Greece began.
I'm rediscovering the music I loved when I was eight years old.
I rediscovered this game just a few days ago when I found out that an old mate of mine had the high score.