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redhead / рыжеволосый
имя прилагательное
redheaded, redhead, carroty, red-haired
имя существительное
рыжеволосый человек
redhead, ginger, carrot
имя существительное
a person with reddish hair.
Among those most at risk are people with light skin, hair and eyes, a combination frequent in redheads .
a North American diving duck with a reddish-brown head, related to and resembling the pochard.
Cattail-thronged marshes here host canvasbacks, redheads , and swans, along with buffleheads, common golden-eyes, teals, and even some bald and golden eagles.
She was still smiling as she waited for the redhead and the brunette to leave.
Canvasback, redhead , lesser scaup and ruddy are a few of the diver ducks.
The redhead was staring at him intently, his hair hanging in his eyes a bit and his hands clasped at his elbows.
He was a redhead , even redder than Maura whose hair was more of an auburn shade, and had a full beard.
He looked down at the pretty redhead , her long straight hair lying softly across his chest as she slept.
The next day, the brunette and the redhead are talking about going home early again.
Brunettes, blondes and redheads adorned the covers in equal proportion, but all had long and luxurious tresses.
She didn't have many freckles like most redheads do.
Of course, since we're redheads , everyone will say that we're hot-tempered.
As many of you may know I have a thing for redheads .