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redevelop / восстанавливать
develop (something) again or differently.
It is redeveloped as a child development centre, where staff from health, social services and education would assess children with learning difficulties.
plans to redevelop London's docklands
I've started to redevelop my addiction to news.
Developers buy old, unused, dilapidated hotels and redevelop them into brand new upscale luxury condos.
This is part of the latest plans to redevelop the Castle Lane area of Bedford, which has been an eyesore for many years.
One resident who lives two doors away defiantly said he would oppose any plans to redevelop the area.
the riverfront that the city planned to redevelop with family attractions
It needs only the effort to redevelop it again, and this will be one of the richest countries in the Middle East.
Bell also said that British Waterways has entered into a partnership agreement with building contractor Amec to redevelop sites along the Forth and Clyde canal.
Mr Blythe tails to consider the main reason why Housing Tasmania has decided to demolish and redevelop Windsor Court - the needs of tenants.
He hoped Mr Godden would reconsider his offer, as the ruling would make it more difficult to sell at a higher price to firms planning to redevelop the site into shops or homes.