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redesigned / переконструировать
design (something) again in a different way.
the front seats have been redesigned
Parts of the shuttle were redesigned and safety procedures were greatly improved.
Last year, we faced one of our biggest spatial design challenges to date: redesigning the interior of a caravan.
When redesigning your kitchen remember to budget for redecoration, tiling, flooring and any other extras.
In the meantime, architects are redesigning the pool complex, offering alternatives, and trying to keep costs down as time rolls on.
His father said he had been redesigning his garden shortly before he collapsed.
So at last I can get round to redesigning my new house.
You no longer have to settle with existing designs, or be intimidated by the workload of redesigning your sites.
So somehow I will be redesigning it and starting all over again.
He said redesigning the waiting area, including new lighting and better patient information via a plasma screen, had also improved behaviour.
And Manchester city council is third, for what judges call its ‘brave approach’ to redesigning the city.