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redesign / переконструировать
design (something) again in a different way.
the front seats have been redesigned
имя существительное
the action or process of redesigning something.
Equipment is not the only possible object for productive redesign .
Last year the survey identified many important issues and led to a redesign of the processes used to administer relocations.
The redesign also includes extra-large parking spaces, which are about eight feet wide, about a foot wider than a standard slot.
I wasn't surprised to find that it has been a subject of redesign for the Seattle waterfront area.
By far the most important factor is the redesign of policy and processes.
The redesign of emergency services is part of a larger plan to improve patient care and both hospitals will play a vital role in this.
A redesign and modernisation of the hospital's main entrance and reception area is underway.
There has not been an update by me for a while, but I am actually doing yet another redesign of my weblog.
Presumably the change in management accounts for the ghastly redesign of the bar and restaurant at Perth Theatre.
it was achieved by the redesign of the product
I do have someone working on a more radical redesign , but he hasn't done anything yet.