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redeploy / передислоцировать, передислоцироваться
relocate, redeploy, resite
assign (troops, employees, or resources) to a new place or task.
units concentrated in Buenos Aires would be redeployed to the provinces
Being able to redeploy analysts and form ad hoc teams quickly and effectively is a basic requirement for intelligence organizations today.
Rather than redeploy these resources - and the money - elsewhere, the food industry is encouraging consumers to eat far more than they need.
This denied the Nazi command the possibility to redeploy the troops.
All local authorities stressed that every effort would be made to redeploy teachers, offer them voluntary redundancy or early retirement.
Town halls should discuss the quickest way to redeploy the national guard units in their neighborhoods.
Australia, Japan, and Singapore are today preparing to redeploy troops in the region, to help the relief effort.
We can redeploy the freed-up troops in strategically vital areas of the Middle East.
He said forces could in many instances redeploy officers away from public duties rather than suspend them.
The US is planning to redeploy troops from South Korea to Iraq.
The dismissed employees were never redeployed as mentioned in that issue.