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redecorate / по-новому оформить интерьер
по-новому оформить интерьер
decorate (a room or building) again, typically differently.
If you are redecorating a room that is covered in wallpaper, it is usually necessary to remove the old wallpaper.
Volunteers have been working round the clock to repair and redecorate the building so the nursery will open as scheduled.
Once you see the completed bathroom you won't believe it took you so long to decide to redecorate the room.
That was where she'd hide, but first she wanted to redecorate the room.
you will have to redecorate the room afterwards
I vividly remember when my mother decided to redecorate our living room.
Armed with $1,000, a designer and a carpenter, two sets of neighbours swap homes and redecorate one room in each other's place.
As we we'd been planning to redecorate the family room some time this year I said she might as well take the two sofas.
Anyone who has ever packed away their worldly possessions to redecorate a room will know what a time-consuming and stressful experience it can be.
We'll give you a credit card and tomorrow you and Lucy can go shopping to redecorate your room!
For a while, he toyed with the idea of offering to redecorate the entire room.