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redden / краснеть, окрашиваться в красный цвет, алеть
blush, redden, flush, color, crimson, color up
окрашиваться в красный цвет
имя существительное
redness, reddening, redden
make or become red.
bare arms reddened by sun and wind
The influenza challenge caused the infected paws to redden and swell.
Croft watched the sky redden and hoped the weather would continue to hold.
The sky began to redden as evening drew closer, gradually fading to black, the clouds massed above warning of bad weather to come and blocked out the full moon and twinkling stars.
Aidan shrugged and turned away from him, but Darren saw her face redden as she blushed.
The rims of his deep black eyes began to redden .
I could see him flush and redden , even in the dark.
I felt my cheeks turning hot, as in seriously hot, and at the corner of my eye, saw Josh redden slightly.
His eyes started to redden as he remembered the tickets to the movie he was supposed to watch with Chrom and Pete.
It made his father redden and his brothers blanch.
The muscles tighten and narrow, causing the lining to swell, redden and produce mucus, making breathing difficult.